PSI Neodymium Earbuds

PSI Neodymium Earbuds

PSI Earbuds

The drivers in PSI Car Audio’s Earbuds are a beefy 10mm, and driven by neodymium magnets.  Neo magnets are strong and lightweight, which is perfect for the application.

Earbuds are typically uncomfortable, fall out, sound thin and harsh with little to no bass, and generally are useless.  For years I have personally shunned the earbud revolution – being a conosuer of quality audio reproduction.  These earbuds change my mind, completely.

The in-ear feel is very comfortable, the rubber cushions ship in 2 different sizes, the ones I am using now fit great and stay put.  The rubber selected provides just enough friction to stay put, but is smooth enough to be comfortable – while being pliable enough to form fit the ear canal and provide the proper seal required to deliver full sound quality.

Once properly positioned (positioning is KEY with ‘buds!) the PSI earbuds deliver a very full sonic picture – full bass, somewhat bright but still crisp highs.  Esperanza Spalding sounds like Esperanza Spalding, piano sounds like piano, and bass is not lacking at all.  In fact the bass is surprisingly smooth and enjoyable.  The high end can get edgy with some material, but its rarely uncomfortable.

A trick with these ‘buds I discovered is to cover the rear vent holes with masking tape.  This seems to help flatten the frequency response through the midrange and gives a nice bass boost.  These are cool headphones without this little “mod”, but they sound *sweet* with the holes plugged up.

Great ‘buds, check em out @ PSIcaraudio (