Bobby V- Knight Rider (Official Music Video)

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Bobby V- Knight Rider (Official Music Video)

Check out the sik Chevrolet Camaro SS in the video!

Night Rider from the Mixtape Vitamin V Featuring DJ Holiday

Directed by DemKatz & HollywoodEnt  

B.o.B Ft. T.I. & Young Jeezy – Strange Clouds (Official Music Video)

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B.o.B Ft. T.I. & Young Jeezy – Strange Clouds (Official Music Video)

New music video to the remix B.o.B hit single “strange clouds”.

The black keys – EL Camino album review

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The black keys – EL Camino album review

Vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney combine to form The Black Keys, whose 7th album – El Camino was released on December 6th 2011 and has since garnered much critical acclaim.  The chunky yet curiously clear sound they are known for is in full effect – an unmistakable signature sound.  Danger Mouse (producer of the grey album, and the ‘keys 2008 release “Attack and Release”) was brought in to produce this album, and gained co-writer credit on each of the 11 songs.The cover features a Chrysler Minivan, not the El Camino that would appear the obvious choice.  The band launched “” advertising the cover art depicted van as a 94 el camino, so ridiculous its hilarious.  Apparantly effective, El Camino sold nearly 300,000 copies in its first 2 weeks.What matters, though, is the quality of the music.  This sorta thing is art, when someone has access to the highest end equipment – the absolute best studios – the possibility of getting the clearest sound… but chooses to go the “lofi” route, making each track sound as if it were recorded to tape 20 years ago.  Somehow, though, there is a great clarity to the sound which makes it difficult to complain about the quality, although it is certainly a lo-fi sound.  A very well produced album, to say the least. The songs are catchy, with “Lonely Boy” being the single and the first track.  The video is a great piece of minimalism, very fun to watch.  The album definitely satisfies both the “I don’t care what this guy is saying I just want it to sound good” and “I could listen to this acapella” tests. Excellent harmonies, classic guitar riffs and tones, grooves that you just have to move to.  There are a few tracks I’m not a big fan of (Nova Baby in particular), but overall its a great album that is fun to listen to.. it will certainly be the musical accompaniment to many a road trip in old beat up minivans that must be referred to as El Camino’s.
ElusiveMaG RATING:  8/10

El Camino - The Black Keys


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A Sense of Music

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A Sense of Music

Why is there such a love for music built into the human existence?  Such a question is near impossible to answer, as individual taste varies infinitely.  Why someone loves Pink Floyd is not necessarily why another loves Kanye West.

Love a song because it makes you cry, love a song because it makes you happy, love a song just because it sounds really cool.  Some have been known to listen to music they despise just to relish in the disgust that overcomes them with each moment of rhythmatic tone.

Why, who really knows, but we love music… there is hardly a less ambiguous “interest” to post on an online dating site as “music”… the individual may as well have noted they enjoy “breathing”.

From the biggest, hairiest, most virile man beating on his chest and screaming to remind all who surround him of his absolute domination… to the lonely girl in a small dark room playing guitar so quietly nobody can hear… to the great symphonies/opera’s/concerts where musicians lay it all on the line – there is a thread of love intertwining those who create the rhythm/tones and those who enjoy those rhythm/tones.

We have a “sense” of music, much as we have a “sense” of sight.  An inherant understanding which drives our very existence.

EMG hopes to enrich your understanding and love for that which we define as music.  Interviews, reviews, videos, and general articles exploring a life of love for beautiful sounds organized in beautiful ways.

Until then!
-Mark Potts