Jerome Holloway – Sunday Morning Night Music

Jerome Holloway – Sunday Morning Night Music

With his album creatively titled “Sunday Morning Night Music” – Jerome Holloway offers a soulful voice with a smooth melodic backdrop.  Never too much, never too little – the arrangements define tasteful choice.  Its Indy/Folk/Rock, with the sweet taste of Jazz and a very unique soul.

Deep, thought provoking lyrical subjects are of no shortage – while somehow suitably back-dropping a make-out session – and still yet a proper choice for that moment in a road trip when its time to chill out after hours of jamming to Lay You Down.  This album has a wide appeal, for sure.

Sunday Morning Night Music plays well front to back – with most songs ending with a reflective lack of resolution.  Although Mr Holloway’s guitar remains fairly central to the 7 tracks, there is horns, Cello, electric guitar, and of course drums… all well arranged and easy to listen to.  There is an artsy cacophony in “My favorite thief” that has to be heard to be appreciated.

Jerome Holloway’s vocals are somewhere between Bob Marley and John Legend, with a clearly unique sound that ultimately reminds me of only Jerome Holloway.

Frankly if you are one who complains the “good ole days” of music are gone, you need to A: Get out more and B: Buy this album.  (His live show is awesome, and your gonna wanna hear more later!)


Sunday Morning Night Music - Jerome Holloway

T.I. x Travis Porter x young dro- Hot Wheels(official music video)

T.I. x Travis Porter x young dro- Hot Wheels(official music video)

This is the latest track turned music video from T.I. recent mixtape F#$k the city up.  This is my personal favorite song from the mixtape.  Any gearhead will enjoy this song cruising in that special toy on a nice sunny day.  The video includes whips such as 5th gen chevy camaro, ferrari, maybach 57S, and of course a Dodge Challenger SRT8!


Tyga Careless World: Rise of the Last King

Tyga Careless World: Rise of the Last King

Some music makes us cry, some we want to dance to, some provides innovative sounds we’ve never heard before… but today we’ll take a look at an album from the perspective of someone who loves a boomin’ bassline that drives their high powered sub systems to a sort of subsonic nirvana that must be felt to be appreciated.

Released after a last minute cut of a Martin Luther King Jr sample from the title track after MLK’s estate asked it to be remove… Tyga’s Careless World: Rise of the Last King certainly did not get any of its phat basslines omitted.

Careless World may just as well satisfy the cry/dance/innovative sounds – depends on whats between your ears – but the bass, yea, the BASS is truly the highlight of Tyga’s Careless World: Rise of the Last King.  Phat basslines that will test your subsystem run throughout the album.

Tight punch, long notes, deeeep bass.  Its all there, a total system workout.  Each track has something that will get your subs going.  There are a few tracks like the single “Rack City” that have a deep rumbling bassline that will challenge how low you can go!

This type of album is why people stuff 8 12″ subs and 10,000+ watts into their cars… this album you will hear shaking the windows of your house as previously mentioned 8 12’s pass by full tilt.

From a musical standpoint its a relatively typical combination of Rnb/Rap with some autotuned pop’ish stuff thrown in for good measure.  The sound is solid from the ground up, a very well produced album.

Tyga’s Careless World: Rise of the Last King is listenable without subs – but the true appeal to these tracks is below 80hz.

for bassheadz- 8.5/10                             music lovers- 5.5/10

Download the album Careless World - Rise of the Last King - Tyga

– Anthony Potts
Senior Editor

Adele- 21

Adele- 21

Grammy album of the year 2011 – whats the hype about?  With 5.82 million copies sold, you might already know.

For those who have not yet been introduced, Adele is a soulful songbird from England.  Her unique voice is powerful, mature, gritty, and deeply emotional.  According to, Beyonce reported her album “4” was inspired by Adele.

The album “21” is a fine example of her talents.  A Motown era feel on some songs – “Rolling in the Deep” and “Rumor has it” bringing about memories of Diana Ross & The Supremes – mixes with soul/pop/RnB, bringing a unique blend that remains interesting throughout.

The album has a certain vintage sound quality, a warmth reminiscent of vinyl.  “21” plays like a “greatest hits” including songs from the last 60 years.  Although this brings about a wonderful sense of nostalgia, there is also a certain lack of innovation.  There is a thin line between being inspired by and copying, “21” walks this line rather gracefully.

The lyrical content is deep and well thought out – quite autobiographical, but this is one of those albums where not a word could be understood and the album would be no less enjoyable.

I’d like to hear more innovation, rather than pulling from sounds of yesteryear.  “21” is nearly an album of cover songs, following formulas that absolutely do sound great – but offer little in terms of offering the music world something new and exciting.  I’d like to see Adele work with a new group of producers for her next album – lyrics and vocals are what make this album special, I’d like to see them with some musical backdrops that are more current (no I’m not talking LMFAO 21 – ADELE .

Regardless, “21” has received one of music’s highest honors – the 2011 Grammy award for album of the year… and with that in hand, not much else matters!


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Whitney Houston – An inspiration, A Tragedy

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Whitney Houston – An inspiration, A Tragedy

 Whitney Houston – died on February 11, 2012 @ 48 years of age.

An icon among icons, in 2009 she was cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most awarded female act of all time.  Grammy winning, she offered the world the sound of her soul – and the world loved it.  Her vocal chords were capable of resonations of pure emotions, her small frame belting sweet sounds at operatic volume… millions upon millions loved her for the inspiration that she was.

An incredible musical success story who, toward the later 90’s, ran into a drug problem that plagued her to her death.

As with much celebrity of this magnitude, she was loved and hated – supported and torn down – and constantly in the public eye.  Her great voice will ring on through the ages, but her story in her last years became more that of a tragedy.  Her death is certainly an unfortunate event, but given her later year dodgy performances and ongoing drug problems her death is much less of a surprise than, say, Michael Jackson and Aaliyah.

Why someone who could sing with enough passion and power to make someone cry, someone who had enough money to live the most lavish of lifestyles, someone who won multiple Grammy’s, someone loved and invited the world over… why would an individual with so much love, talent, and money turn to a life of drugs… why when dreams are realized would anyone want to alter their perception?  What was she escaping from, what was she looking for?  These questions will never be answered beyond speculation, but they offer a bit of perspective on what it is to be human.

Now is a great time to listen to her voice, learn her story, watch and hear Whitney Houston being Whitney Houston… learn from her triumph’s and failure’s – use her story to help write your own.  All we have is life, and although nobody knows the true and farthest reaching consequences of their actions (see: Butterly Effect(, we can use the experiences of those who have come before us to help guide us along the way.

As the soulful , I Will Always Love You – The Bodyguard (Original Soundtrack Album) plays in my mind, burned-in eternally by one of the most amazing vocalists ever… I say to Whitney Houston – you will be loved and missed, RIP.

Whitney Houstons- Greatest Hits Whitney - The Greatest Hits - Whitney Houston

– Anthony Potts
Senior Editor



Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**As In Paris (Official Music Video)

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Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**As In Paris (Official Music Video)

Kanye and Jay-Z were known to perform “NI**As In Paris” several times during last years monster tour “Watch The Throne”.  Now fans have the opportunity to hit replay as many times as they wish, with the launch of this kaleidoscopic wonderland.

Filmed during the tours last stop at the Staples Center in L.A. last December.

Download the music video: Ni**as in Paris - JAY Z & Kanye West

Download the song: Ni**as in Paris - Watch the Throne (Deluxe Version)