build camp session 1

build camp session 1

After completely stripping the entire old front suspension,
steering and brake system, the engine bay was sanded
down a bit and hit with a coat of Valspar primer and
spray paint.




“We were all so excited when our parts came in!” There are
tons of suspension and brake companies to choose from
for a drag race application but nobody comes close to the
guys at Racecraft Inc! Pat, Kory, and Kody really took
care of all our needs and give excellent customer service
and tech support!



An aftermarket K-Member is a major upgrade when building both a street
strip car and a drag car. Not only does it save a ton of weight, but also gives
you more clearance for headers, starter, big oil pans, and piping for a turbo
or supercharger. It provides much better stability and handing, especially
when leaving the line in the 1320. The Racecraft front suspension kit (part
#320000) is made from 4130 chrome moly steel. It is extremely lightweight,
very simple to mount and came with all new nuts, bolts, and washers. The kit
also comes in mild steel, which is a little cheaper but for our high horsepower build, we
definitely needed the much stronger chrome moly kit.

Also the option to add a manual lightweight pinto rack and pinion (part
#333100-C) was a no brain-er. The sportsman steering shaft kit (part
#333143-S) made it even easier to connect the new manual rack and pinion to the
factory steering column.




The only modification necessary was to trim the shaft to the length that was needed.
Then we just simply drilled a hole for the nut and bolt to secure the shaft.
Next in place went the A-Arms (part #3212TA00), which also was
included with our front suspension kit. Now with the A-Arms, we
went with the 1″ shorter arms. The reason being is to prevent our
wheels from sticking out past the fender.



You can order your Racecraft Inc. k-member kit with tons of featuressuch as: Powder coating, Tie downs, Lower or higher cross bar,Tow hooks, and much more. Check out and order yours today!




Stay tuned for the completion of our front suspension and brakes project as we await for
more parts to arrive. We will show you how to mount your 2″ drop Racecraft Inc.
spindles and connect the coilover kit and caster camber plates. Feel free to post any
comments or questions! Thanks for reading!

Article written by
Chris Pratts (Elusive Racing)
Tobias Lewis (Elusive Mag)

Special thanks for sponsoring this build to

Elusive Racing Mustang

Elusive Racing Mustang


What we have here is “Elusive Racing’s first official
race car and it’s only right to be the first official build we
follow! Owner, Chris Pratts, has been toying with the car since he first became owner of
it just 2 years ago. Only doing a mild, low budget 306 cubic inch engine and shaving off
a couple hundred pounds got this car to crack 12s on pump gas and stock suspension!
Well after plenty of street strip fun, Chris decided it was time for some REAL action!
Teaming up with Racecraft Inc. was our first step to get the suspension, steering, and
brakes. Our all out drag car build is under way!!!