[David E Beats] nThe White House Band – Renaissance [hosted By Mick Boogie]


David E Beats/The White House Band – Renaissance mix tape starts
strong and maintains a big sound with hard hitting lyrics throughout.
A smooth flow, and a unique sound combine to keep attention throughout
– personal preference aside, there are no “skip over” tracks.  There
are screaming guitar solos, bangin basslines, and a smooth groove that
runs uniquely through all the tracks.

This is not a duplicate of those 5 songs your most hated hip hop
station plays over, and over, and over again. This is 13 tracks of
classic hip hop flavor that is *FREE* to download!

This should be what defines mainstream hip hop, forget most of what is
established… if I hear another nursery rhyme rapper that makes the
same damn song over and over again I’m gonna be sick.

In each thing we experience we draw influence, we gain insight into
the world around us.  In Renaissance we gain insight into David E
Beats’ struggle to survive in a tough world.  We can relate to his
truth, relate to his drive, and use what we find to grow our own
experiences into something equally amazing.

This is the sort of inspiration the world needs – there are far too
many people promoting a detrimental lifestyle, and far too many weak
minds buying into what is essentially an illusion that is shaping

Whether you listen for lyrical content or phat beats, your gonna dig
David E Beats / The White House Band – Renaissance.

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