Adele- 21


Grammy album of the year 2011 – whats the hype about?  With 5.82 million copies sold, you might already know.

For those who have not yet been introduced, Adele is a soulful songbird from England.  Her unique voice is powerful, mature, gritty, and deeply emotional.  According to, Beyonce reported her album “4” was inspired by Adele.

The album “21” is a fine example of her talents.  A Motown era feel on some songs – “Rolling in the Deep” and “Rumor has it” bringing about memories of Diana Ross & The Supremes – mixes with soul/pop/RnB, bringing a unique blend that remains interesting throughout.

The album has a certain vintage sound quality, a warmth reminiscent of vinyl.  “21” plays like a “greatest hits” including songs from the last 60 years.  Although this brings about a wonderful sense of nostalgia, there is also a certain lack of innovation.  There is a thin line between being inspired by and copying, “21” walks this line rather gracefully.

The lyrical content is deep and well thought out – quite autobiographical, but this is one of those albums where not a word could be understood and the album would be no less enjoyable.

I’d like to hear more innovation, rather than pulling from sounds of yesteryear.  “21” is nearly an album of cover songs, following formulas that absolutely do sound great – but offer little in terms of offering the music world something new and exciting.  I’d like to see Adele work with a new group of producers for her next album – lyrics and vocals are what make this album special, I’d like to see them with some musical backdrops that are more current (no I’m not talking LMFAO 21 – ADELE .

Regardless, “21” has received one of music’s highest honors – the 2011 Grammy award for album of the year… and with that in hand, not much else matters!


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